Who We Are

AMALSANG was founded by Daniela Matzko-Dhonden. She lives in Germany, Spain and Sweden and has made frequent trips to the US, India and Kuwait.

Daniela Matzko-Dhonden has been creating fashion design since childhood. At the age of 14 she won her first fashion prize in a competition organized by the Fashion Institute of the German Democratic Republic. She won her first “Grand Prix for Fashion Design” in 1988 at the age of 16 in a professional competition on Fischerinsel in East Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Daniela Matzko-Dhonden graduated as a fashion designer from the “Lette-Verein” in Berlin. Born into a family with Slavic folk tradition, surrounded by Sorbian and Eastern European cultural wealth, she has practiced hand embroidery since her earliest childhood. In London, Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf and New Delhi, Daniela Matzko-Dhonden studied various types of hand embroidery, such as gold embroidery, haute couture embroidery and religious embroidery, with well-known professional hand embroiderers. She is currently doing her master hand embroidery training in Bavaria. When embroidering her unique pieces, she brings a lot of patience, love, perseverance, humanity, respect and appreciation. With the slow fashion label AMALSANG she would like to do her part to preserve a healthy environment on earth and to the peaceful and happy coexistence of current and future generations.